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There are so many beautiful places to visit in the Loch Ness area that we're sure you'll want to spend as much of your day exploring as possible during your stay at Pottery House Loch Ness B&B. And what could be more enjoyable when you find a favorite spot than to unpack your picnic basket, spread out your tartan rug on the ground and enjoy lunch in the great outdoors.

That's why we've introduced the Pottery House Picnic Basket.

For just £25 we'll prepare a picnic basket of delicious home made goodies for two, simply collect the basket before you go out in the morning and return the basket when you arrive back at our B&B in the evening. No hastles like preparing the food, making sandwiches or washing the dishes. Picnic Basket

What's in the picnic basket?

Included in your basket is:

Plus of course your hamper will include all you need to enjoy your lunch: plates, knives and forks, cups and glasses, condiments, napkins and we'll even include two tartan rugs for you to sit on.

How does it work?

Simply place your order for your picnic basket on our online web page at "Picnic Basket Orders", where you can see all the options and make your choices.

On the day of your picnic collect your basket from us after breakfast.

Return the basket in the evening when you return to Pottery House.

The cost will be added to your final bill at check-out.


Order your basket now for that extra special day out
around Loch Ness.

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